Post Assembly – Top Coating Gunpla (First Full Kit Application)

I bought the Flat Clear can last month, but I never got the chance to coat any kits until this week. I hoped that I could squeeze the activity into my schedule during my days off on Saturdays, but I end up cancelling because I’m lazy and/or forgetful.

The kit I chose for this test was the NG IBO 1/100 Gusion. It’s the best candidate from my collection since the panel lining has already been completed. The sheer size of the mobile suit would also showcase how the paint affects the underlying sheen of the plastic.

The weather here has been pretty shit for weeks now, but it usually only rains during the afternoon. The kit was disassembled and prepped last Monday night the coating happened on Tuesday morning. I ran out of skewers so I had to improvise by using long runner sides as sticks.

Cleaning and Masking. Kind of overdid it, I guess
Loose armor parts didn’t need sticks. Included the ass armor to this group
Poor man’s spray setup

This wasn’t exactly planned out properly because I was hoping that I could start assembling the MG Jesta. I was also supposed to start weathering the GM Command (review pending lol), but the paints I ordered were due to arrive next weekend. Since I had nothing else to do, I ended up gutting the Gusion.

First Pass


Had to improvise because the Gusion has a really big chest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


After last pass

The whole spraying process took about 30 minutes. The parts looked pretty damn good with the coat applied. I had no respirator, so I made sure to do the coating outdoors. I had to put the parts back inside because I was already late for work. Good thing I did that because it rained in the afternoon as was expected.


Solo Shot



I was afraid that I would encounter the frosting problem that I hear a lot from other builders, but the results were clean and pretty damn good. I want to add a few passes to the torso and arms when I get the chance. All in all, I am still really happy with the output.

I can’t wait to coat my other kits. The MG FA-78 (review still pending shiiiiiiiiit) is the first in line after I finish the panel lining and decal applications. Hopefully I can still find the Flat Clear can when I buy materials tomorrow.

– D

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