Build – SD Gundam BB Senshi 200 RX-78-2 Gundam

Here it is, the last member of my SD White Base Mobile Suit Unit. I made it a point to build this one last because it made the process a whole lot sweeter as a Granddaddy Gundam fanboy. The last thing I need to get is an actual White Base model kit, but that’s gonna be a bit of a challege. This will probably be my last SD until the SD Cross Silhouette gets released.

Kit Details

Name: SD Gundam BB Senshi 200 RX-78-2 Gundam
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam
Released: 1999
Manufactured By: Bandai
Purchased From: Sam’s Model Kits
Price: PhP 300.00

Box art. Dunno what’s going on with the shield.
Manual Side A
Manual Side B
Box Contents
Makes it look like the Gundam is inside an office cubicle. So cute.

Tools Used

  • Side Cutters
  • Precision Knife
  • Scissors
  • Gundam Marker (Black)
  • Rag
  • Sandpaper (1200 Grit)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

Build Documentation

Torso with Beam Saber handles

I spent more time working on the torso and head than I’d like to admit. The limbs and waist were pretty easy to put together and the backpack didn’t give me trouble at all. There are seam lines freaking everywhere and I may never be able to do touch-ups for these parts in the future.

Core Fighter/Core Booster
Rifle scope

The box includes parts for a Core Fighter or Core Booster. You can’t plug the core into the waist or torso, but I still think it’s a nice addition. One thing I really liked about this kit is the color separation for the rifle scope. I had to stop and admire this decision for about five minutes.


The rifle is a full profile instead of being a cross-section like the one that comes with the BB/SD 225 Guncannon. Shield color separation is also very nice. I really appreciate it whenever Bandai doesn’t skimp on shield part engineering. The Gundam’s launcher is also included along with the Beam Saber. Unfortunately, the little sword is a single white piece. I don’t have a bottle of clear pink yet but I might revisit these weapons once I start my weapon detailing project.

Finished Product

Little Granddad – Front
Action Shot

The articulation is similar to the Guncannon, but this kit has better head range of motion. Biceps can swivel and elbows have a respectable bend. The forearm and hands are part of a single assembled part so there won’t be any weapon angle holds with this guy. Both feet can swivel and pivot thanks to the ball joint and the waist to torso connection allows a good twisting motion.

Tried and failed to recreate the pose I did with the HGUC REVIVE RX-78-2.
With his White Base mates

Build Time – 2 Hours

This should not have taken as long to build as it did. Panel lines were a bit of a pain to clean up, but that’s always the case with white parts. I spent too much time practicing my nub removal procedure and ended up being needlessly invested in the head and torso. I would argue that it’s because of the “inner frame” but that would just be me trying to justify my slow pace. The finished kit looks good and I enjoyed building it, so it’s all good.

Pros and Cons

+Easy build
+Okay articulation
+/-Inner Frame feature is kind of half baked
-Head proportions are too vertically oriented for an SD
-Really obvious seam lines along the arm and legs

This one is a nice kit to have for collectors and fans of the original series, but it’s not exactly what I would call an essential. Maybe if you’re into collecting Granddad’s different forms.

Notice how the arms/hands are in the wrong position? I sure as hell did not.

– D

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