Tests – Waterslide Decal Application and Flat Top Coating

It has already been over two months since I got into GunPla as a hobby, but I’ve never had the chance to use waterslide decals. Most of the kits I got had clear stickers at best, and the MG Deathscythe only had dry transfer decals. The concept behind waterslides made me worry because I don’t exactly expect my hands to stay steady during activities that involve precise motor control.

I had to build up confidence somehow because the MG FA-78 was still looked pretty bare after assembly (kit review pending). Since yesterday was my day off, I made myself busy with a few tests and application practice.

Waterslide Decals – Application Practice

Waterslide application – spoon practice

I used the extra/alternate decal for the FA-78’s shields on a plastic takeout spoon. It’s a good thing that there are a lot of these plastic spoons left in the kitchen. Here were the steps I followed from what I remembered from a number of tutorials.

  1. Clean plastic surface thoroughly
  2. Cut close to the edges of the decal using a hobby knife
  3. Use tweezers to hold the cut piece and fully submerge it in water for ~15 seconds
  4. Place near desired area and use mildly wet cotton swab to transfer decal
  5. Using the same swab, make adjustments until decal is in desired position
  6. Lightly dab with paper towel or dry swab to remove excess water
  7. Apply decal setting solution (I used Mr. Mark Setter)

The result wasn’t exactly as clean as I expected, since I could still notice a little bit of crumpling or silvering if I squinted hard enough. This might be because of the convex surface of the spoon or it might be because I was in a hurry. Still, the results of the test were okay.

Top Coat Tests

The next thing I tested was the flat top coat I bought last week. I was supposed to buy a Mr. Hobby can, but my supplier ran out just as I was about to place an order. Good thing I was able to find an acrylic-based flat clear coat.

Cost me about 200PhP

This brand is actually pretty popular in the Philippines. I had some trouble looking for this particular coat in other stores but I managed to find one during the same day of the SM Uptown Toy Fair.

L – 3 Passes | R – 2 Passes

I also took this chance to test out how the paint would affect panel lining and there was no bleeding at all. I might try top coating the 1/100 Gusion first.

Waterslide Decals – Kit Application

Decal application – Shields (A)


Decal application – Shields (B)

Here are some pictures I took of the FA-78 shields. Aside from these, I was also able to finish the shin guard and rear leg armor pieces. I don’t plan on going full Ver. Ka, but I still plan on using the decals for the shoulders, chest, backpack and weapons. I’ll have to topcoat at a later date though, since I still haven’t panel lined this kit.

– D

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