Figure Build – SD Gundam BB Senshi 221 RX-75 Guntank

I’m proud that I managed to watch and finish the first Mobile Suit Gundam series. It made me appreciate how much Mobile Suit designs and animations have evolved throughout the years. I particularly enjoyed the dynamics between the White Base’s MS team, the Guntank, Guncannon, and granddaddy Gundam. I felt kinda bad that the Guncannon and Guntank don’t really get much love these days, but I understand that their designs don’t mesh very well with modern suits.

This kit caused me to go on an SD hunt. It was the first SD I’ve ordered in a while and the main reason why I bought it was because I thought it was adorable. I managed to nab the BBSD Guncannon and Gundam from my usual retailer and found out that they had this Guntank on hand at cheaper price. The price difference was less than 50PhP though, so no real regrets on that part.

Kit Details

Name: SD Gundam BB Senshi 221 RX-75 Guntank
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam
Released: 2001
Manufactured By: Bandai
Purchased From: Wasabi Toys
Price: PhP 410.00 (Shipping Included)

Smol box.
Manual Side A
Manual Side B
Box Contents. Look at those cute treads.

This kit was a real breath of fresh air coming from a Ver. Ka model. It looked way more straightforward that building the FA-78 escape pod.

Tools Used

  • Side Cutters
  • Precision Knife
  • Scissors

Build Documentation

Upper cockpit/”Head”
Torso and Back Thrusters
Shoulder Cannons and Arms
Lower Body

The build process was pretty damn relaxing. Assembly was pretty simple involving only a small number of parts that were never too small to handle. Only three stickers are included in this kit, but the parts they are attached to can easily be detailed using a brush and some bright yellow paint.

I was actually surprised by the articulation on this kit. I never saw the Guntank swivel at the waist, but this little guy can actually do a rotation. The mounted cannons can also swing side to side and up and down, limited only by the shoulder housing. The little arms have respectable range of motion similar to simple jointed High Grades.

Finished Product

Baby Guntank


Come at me bro.


Size comparison. SDEX Deathscythe and Banshee, HG RX 78-2 REVIVE

Build Time – 1 Hour

This Guntank has a respectable amount of detail out of the box, but some may opt to add more details by painting the weapons and the pilot. It’s a bit small but that just makes it easier to find display space.

Pros and Cons

+Really simple assembly
+Satisfactory articulation
-Nothing, really

I know a lot of GunPla builders who do not like SD kits at all. This kit simply isn’t for them. This kit or the whole line it belongs to is more suitable for people like me who love all things SD. I would also recommend it to those who are looking for something simple to build for beginners like kids or those who are just starting with the hobby.

Up next will be the Guncannon and Gundam and I’ll probably finish those before the week is over.

– D

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