Figure Build – NG IBO 1/100 Schwalbe Graze (McGillis Type)

I’ve learned to love the Iron-Blooded Orphans designs over the course of watching the first season. The grunt type Graze mobile suit was a particular favorite. I intended to get the 1/100 for that particular MS but the local stores were unfortunately out of stock. I did manage to get my hands on one HG 1/144 Graze though, so please look forward to that kit build within the next few weeks.

The Schwalbe Graze wasn’t exactly included in my planned builds within the month, but it was too hard to pass up because of the discounted price. It’s a variation of a design that I really like and the black and blue color scheme is one of my favorite combinations.

Kit Details

Name: NG IBO 1/100 McGillis’s Schwalbe Graze
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
Released: 2016
Manufactured By: Bandai
Purchased From: SM Department Store
Price: PhP 1,500.00 (Discounted)

Box Art
Manual Cover
Manual Contents
Runners (1/2), Stickers and Wire Accessory
Runners (2/2)

Tools Used

  • Side Cutters
  • Precision Knife
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper (1200 Grit)

Build Documentation

Part 1

Inner Frame Head x Torso x Waist

I started working on this kit on the 28th when I had some free time before going to bed. There wasn’t a lot of progress because I was watching the first Mobile Suit Gundam series while building.

The sticker for the eye was a pain to deal with. It had a hard time adhering to the grooves in the plastic. The gray chest stickers are also pretty bad. I really wanted to paint it instead, but I didn’t have the right shade of gray for it.

I love what Bandai did for the arch/crunch and side to side articulation for the waist and torso. The neck part gets a bit annoying when trying to align it with the head. I was also kind of surprised that I didn’t injure myself at all.

Part 2

Inner Frame

I made a lot of progress during the next session since I forgot to bring my flash drive and update the MSG episode list. The inner frame was fully assembled and I managed to attach the head, torso, waist and arm armor parts.

Bust Profile

The small pieces on the chest come off a bit too easily and the head flap could use a bit more resistance instead of swinging open at the slightest touch. The shoulder sockets provide the arm with some forward and back movement aside from the standard shoulder swing and bicep swivel. It doesn’t grip the connection very tightly though, so use extra caution when trying to do wide flex and extreme poses.

Part 3

Leg Armor, Backpack and Weapons

I really was hoping that I would complete this build without incident, but I somehow managed to injure myself with the hobby knife just as I was finishing up the backpack. The reason why I hate getting cut is that my blades somehow deteriorate and rust much faster than normal when exposed to blood.

I have to say that I really hate some of the gate connections for the rifle. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to make it extra thick. Now I’ll gave to do some painting to get rid of the complete ass of a nub mark.

Finished Figure

I already used the relaxed full body shot above, so here are some shots of the figure with the weapons equipped/shown.

I really need to make a decent photo box. A new camera too.
Left side with wire claw
Right side holding the Axe, Rifle in long barrel mode
A lot of thrusters on this MS
Size comparison with the NG IBO Gusion. Hobby knife and dice for scale.

As expected from a 1/100 IBO figure, the Schwalbe Graze is quite big. It stands a bit taller than the Gusion and towers over all the HG kits in my collection. I’m actually running out of space in my top shelf because of the two 1/100 IBO MS I’ve build so far.

Equipping the weapons was pretty simple. the gripping hands have notches that match with weapon handle male connectors. The axe can be stored on the side skirts and the rifle can use both short and long barrel modes. Too bad about the front skirts being at a fixed position though, since they severely limit leg positions and posing options when not using a stand.

Build Time – About 7 Hours

I suppose it’s a good thing that I no longer have that stupid rule about having to finish a kit in a single sitting. The nagging feeling when I leave a work in progress is still present, but I’m just gonna attribute it to the excitement of and yearning for a complete kit to muck around with.

Pros and Cons

+Nice color scheme
+Refinement of the Graze design
+Simple and straightforward build process
+The Wire Claw allows for some really nice action shots
-Front skirt severely limits leg forward swing
-Arms and chest attachments pop off easily
-The eye and chest piece stickers

I’m pretty happy with the Schwalbe Graze. Although it wasn’t originally part of my acquisition plan, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fun I had while assembling the figure. Because both of the NG IBO 1/100 kits I own gave me pretty satisfying build experiences, I might try to get the Grimgerde next. I recommend this one for fans of the MSG: IBO series or for builders who wanna try moving from 1/144 to 1/100.

– D


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