Figure Unboxing and Overview – NXEDGE STYLE EVA-01 Test Type (TV Ver.)

I pre-ordered this figure December of 2017. I realize now that December video gaming must have felt really dry for me since I ordered two figures instead of buying any games. The motivating factor for getting this Eva was different from the NieR set though, since I was actually diving back into the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise after some years of reserved interest.

The indicated date of release was April 2018, with the expected local arrival estimated to be on the month of May. I tried my best to forget about the figure so I won’t be consumed by hype. It was a pretty successful attempt, because I caused quite a bit of confusion when it finally got delivered yesterday. The courier didn’t try to collect the cash on delivery fee but I insisted on paying thinking the parcel contained the two gunpla kits I ordered last week. We managed to resolve the issue in the end, so it’s all good.

Figure Set Details

Manufactured By: Bandai
Released: April 2018
Pre-ordered/Purchased From: Hubbyte Toy Store
Price: PhP 1,750.00 (PhP 300.00 shipping fee included)


I almost forgot to open this up last night. Good thing I wasn’t exactly sleepy and my hair was wet when I was done with house chores. I had the option of either unboxing for this figure or building a kit. There wasn’t enough time for a build though, so I chose to mess with this EVA instead.

Left Side
Right Side

The box was in very good condition when it arrived. And since the post will feel odd without this feature, I “felt compelled” to forget to take pictures of the top and bottom of the box.

Manual (Back)
Manual (Front)
Stand parts, layered display rods, weapons

These accessories were inside a separate plastic bag behind the hard plastic that the figure and most of the accessories were placed.

Molded clear front so the stuff (most of it) doesn’t rattle during transportation
Figure and featured accessories showcased using a mediocre camera and shitty lighting setup


  • Grip Hands (x2)
  • Open Hands (x2) – Comes attached to the figure
  • Berserk Mode Lower Jaw
  • Spear of Longinus
  • Magarox Sword
  • Progressive Knife
  • Umbilical cable
  • Handgun
  • Display Stand

They included a lot of accessories in this box, but the only firearm included is the handgun. It’s not exactly as badass as the positron rifle, but it’s cute. Still, they should’ve added the Pallet Rifle at least. The disappointment kind of balances out in the end because the figure comes with the Spear of Longinus. The weapons are already painted OOB but they did not paint the berserker jaw details.

EVA-01 Front
EVA-01 Back
With berserk mouth equipped
Arm Details

I like how they painted some of the smaller parts but got kind of lazy with the details on the back. There’s no entry plug gimmick too, but I suppose I’m asking for too much from a very small figure. The ankle guard is non-adjustable which makes the feet look weird in pivot-utilizing poses.

Degree of articulation for the figure is as much as to be expected with a small figure.

  • Bend at the knees and elbows
  • Swing at the shoulders and hips/thighs
  • Limited swivel at the feet
  • Rotation but no bend at the hands
  • Ab crunch and arc
  • Limited head swivel for looking side to side, up and down.

Action Shots and Size Comparison

Not using the proper hole ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) for the stand-figure connection
The cord isn’t very posable since it retains its shape too well.
The Lance of Longinus. I should’ve used the berserk jaw here but I’m lazy.
Size Comparison with HG 1/144 Blue Destiny Unit 3, Suntoys (Rebuild) EVA-01 MG 1/100 Deathscythe Hell EW

This figure is pretty small. It’s not as small as keychain attachments or phone strap decorations, but it won’t have much presence on a display case unless the stand and accessories are utilized properly. I would suggest using the Spear or the Magarox Sword(s) for that. It’s not the most imposing figure out of my meager collection, but I will always have a soft spot for all things SD.

Pros and Cons

+Bite-sized package. Would advise against actually eating though.
+Comes with a stand
+Adequate articulation
+A LOT of accessories
+Spear of Longinus
+Effective implementation of SD proportions
-Lacking in firearms
-Loose right thigh to waist joint
-Non-adjustable ankle guard
-Incomplete detailing for vents, shoulder logo and jaw accessory (minor gripe)

Final Thoughts

NXEDGE Style figures rarely disappoint. I had to wait for months for this to arrive, and I was not disappointed. There are a number of issues with the figure, but they don’t really affect how much I love this Eva. My only regret is that I didn’t get the Rebuild EVA-01 because I also really like the colors they used for that design.

If you’re a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I highly recommend that you get not only this figure, but all the NXEDGE Eva figures. They’re not excessively priced and come with a ton of accessories that are cross compatible with each other. Once I get the chance, I’ll try to get the Rebuild EVA-02 and Rebuild EVA-01 next.

– D

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