Figure Weathering – HG00 1/144 00 Gundam

The work on this kit was done by a friend of mine who I introduced to Gunpla about a month ago. I’m more inclined towards straight OOB builds, so most of the featured weathered kits here will be from him.

Kit Details

Name: HG 00 00 Gundam
Released: 2008
Manufactured By: Bandai
Purchased From: Toy Kingdom
Price: PhP 600 (PhP 750 Regular)
Weathering By: A.X.M.


Box Art. Image from

Tools Used

  • Paper Towels
  • Box Cutter
  • Paint Brush (Flat, Fine Tip)
  • Valiant Acrylic Paints (White & Black)

The method he used on the kit was based on the experiments he did with the DM MG Tallgeese III that his cousin gave him. For that kit, we tried applying corner wear using sponges. The result was actually quite good, but handling the sponge was kind of a pain in the ass and it made our hands hurt. Paint chipping and friction burn effects for this G00 were applied through brushes instead.

Weapons ready

In similar fashion to the Tallgeese, material damage and wear in this kit intends to emulate excessive exposure to debris during flight or combat. Abrasion marks were applied through sweeping brush strokes and minor chipping was achieved through light and spaced brush dabs.


White paint was used for the dark colored parts of the kit such as the blue shoulder armor. The light colored parts were weathered using black acrylic. Material damage was done using a box cutter. I can appreciate the effort he put into carving the plastic using a bulky cutting tool.

This is admittedly the best shot out of all the photos he sent me.

The base applications for this kit are in place, but additional details like gunk and general dirt effects are still in the works. After that part is done, all he has to do is find the right painting conditions and apply the sealing top coat.

This will be the second fully weathered kit in my friend’s collection. I’m impressed by how eager he is at doing these custom jobs knowing that he got into Gunpla more recently than I did. Maybe I’ll try my hand at some light wear and tear myself once I get a cheap mook MS kit.

– D

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