Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – Release Announcement

This post is four days late but I’m in a mood to document my thoughts. Since I have no decent internet connection at home, I was surprised and made curious when a friend told me to prepare for August 28, 2018. I immediately checked the Nintendo Switch subreddit and found out that Capcom finally announced that they were releasing a localization of Monster Hunter Double Cross (XX). To say that I was excited by the news would be an understatement. This has completely redeemed the Switch for me since I haven’t played with it much since January.

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The unbearable frustration I had when Capcom ignored calls for a western MHXX release combined with the announcement and release of Monster Hunter World was driving me crazy. I fully accepted and understood that they may never port MHW to the Switch platform, but that’s a given because of hardware limitations. I almost bought a Playstation 4 just to play MHW but I was (thankfully?) running low on resources. The Japanese version of the game (MHXX) was already running well, why can’t they just finish the goddamn translation? I spent the entirety of Q1 2018 in a state of desperate longing for a localization that may never be released. Knowing that the Switch will be getting its own MH made me take back what I said about the console’s rather dry 2018 release schedule.

Here are a few things I know about the game so far:

  • The title will be Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, following the naming theme of MH games released for western audiences like 3 Ultimate and 4 Ultimate.
  • Save file transfers will be available for those with Nintendo 3DS saves for Monster Hunter Generations.
  • Hunter Rank will reset to 8 for hunters who have already achieved their HR limit removal.
  • The title will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch platform. No implications of a 3DS release so far.

I originally predicted that they were going to announce a localized MHXX during E3 but I’m not bothered at all by my estimates being off target. A lot of great games are releasing on June and July so I can’t exactly tell them to fuck off.  I’ll just eagerly wait for August.

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