Figure Build – NG IBO 1/100 Gusion

I’m currently saving up because I spent way too much on tools last month. I wasn’t planning on building any kits until later this month, but it seems Gunpla just won’t let me rest. I wanted to get maybe two HGs and an MG Ver. Ka by June, but I was pleasantly surprised when my boss gave me this kit last week. She supposedly asked for the biggest box they had and this is what the sales rep gave her. They were pretty spot on, because the box is actually pretty massive.

I’m not very familiar with the premise of the Iron-Blooded Orphans series, but I knew that this kit contained two Mobile Suit iterations. The original Gusion was a mobile suit from an antagonist faction. It was later captured and refit into the Gusion Rebake. The design principles of the two differ greatly that the uninitiated wouldn’t be able to guess that they were related unless they look at G/GR’s Back or Shield.

The controversial thing about this kit is that the MS contained within are not available separately in the same grade/class. This decision by Bandai basically forced fans of either MS to buy the bundle just to get the form they want . There is also no way to easily display both at the same time using only the kit materials since they only included one inner frame.

I’ll only talk about the Guison in this post. The Rebake will be featured on a separate post in the future.

Kit Details

Name: NG IBO 1/100 Gundam Gusion/Gundam Gusion Rebake
Released: 2016
Manufactured By: Bandai
Purchased From: Toy Kingdom
Price: – (was given as a gift)

Biggest box I’ve encountered so far

Tools Used

    • Side Cutters
    • Precision Knife
    • Sandpaper (1200 and 2000 Grit)
    • Scissors
    • Tweezers

Build Documentation

Kit contents
Manual and Single Page Gunpla Primer
Inner Frame – Head, Torso & Waist
I had to remove the head because it wasn’t needed for the Gusion.
There were a surprising amount of stickers needed for the inner frame.
Proceeding with the IF arms and legs

This build felt quite different from all my previous ones since they make you assemble the entire frame first. If the builder intends to build the Gusion instead of the G. Rebake, they only need the inner frame Torso, Waist, Arms and Thighs.

Head, Torso, Waist. The standard Dreion combo.
Sans arms


  • Hammer
  • Submachine Gun
  • Grenade (x2)

The kit has more weapons included but these two are the only standard inclusions in the Gusion’s arsenal aside from those mounted on the kit itself. The grenades are stored in the suit’s side skirts and can be placed in the hand notches. Some might find the accessories lacking, but I am satisfied since the hammer alone looks pretty badass.

Smart SMG placement to hide the Hammer’s nub mark.

Finished Product

Here are some shots of the Gusion as a straight OOB build without panel lining. I mainly spent time appreciating the kit instead of taking more pictures. This is hands down the most breathtaking kit I have built so far.

I bet this guy burns through a lot of fuel reserves faster than your average 3rd world country.
Sexy back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


SMG Holster and Hammer Clamp


Weapons stored


This photo is the result of my inability to adjust focus settings.
The hammer really weighs down the arm.
Size Comparison. (L-R) MG 1/100 Deathscythe Hell EW, NG IBO 1/100 Gusion, Suntoys EVA 01

Here it is beside two of the biggest kits I have. Please avert your eyes from the EVA’s still broken ankle guard. This shot made me appreciate how much presence the Gusion has even when placed beside an acual Master Grade.

Design – 9.5/10

Who would’ve thought that an overly armored mobile suit that resembles a frog would look this good. It’s nowhere near as badass as a highly detailed MG, but its sheer size makes it a kit that stands out on a display. I love how they implemented the Gusion’s features in the 1/100 scale. The color and part separation could’ve been implemented better but I still got what I expected from a kit that’s basically an upscaled High Grade. Custom paint jobs and additional detailing would look really good on this kit due to the sheer amount of free space.

Articulation/Mobility – 5.5/10

Unfortunately, the kit’s design severely limits its movement. Armor pieces like the shoulder armor and rear skirt prevent full rotations and spreads. The arms are quite challenging to twist and rotate when armored. The pivot and rotation mechanic in the feet are awesome but are also limited by the surrounding armor. Some reviewers have also reported loose wrist ball joint connections but I encountered no problems with mine. There is virtually no crunch or arc for the waist and the swivel feels forced in some poses. The hammer holding attachment at the back is a bit loose, but the skirt holster located on the lower part of the back skirt performs its job adequately.

Durability/Materials – 8.9/10

Plastic quality is what I would expect from the standard Bandai kit. I had no problems cleaning up nub marks during assembly. The polycaps were flexible enough to withstand light pulling and stiff enough to maintain a relaxed pose. Gusion looks sturdy enough that you feel like it won’t fall apart even if it somehow falls over or gets knocked off from the table.

Some problems were encountered when I tried more extreme poses. The thigh joints spreading too easily and the arm drooping down when holding the hammer. Regardless, it still feels like a handling a well-proportioned tank.

Build Time – 6 Hours

I didn’t expect to finish this in a single session. I got really excited when I attached the waist parts and visualized how big it would be once completed.

This bundle can be kind of expensive, but I think the Gusion alone makes it worth the price. It’s a solid, good looking Mobile Suit that is fun to build and it looks great as a display piece. Once again, I’d like to thank my boss for this kit.

I feeling a bit sad right now though. All the kits I planned on building next are currently marked as out of stock by my usual retailers. I’m expecting an Arbalest Ver. IV kit to arrive though, so I’ll have something to keep me busy until the fourth week of May.

– D

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