Figure Build – “Master Grade” SD Evangelion 01 by Suntoys

I finally got to building this kit after putting it off for weeks. Having an adequate tool set made the process more streamlined compared to my previous builds. I’m proud of how I managed to minimize the amount of nub marks for this figure.

Tools used:

  • Sandpaper – 1500 & 2000 Grit
  • Metal File
  • Side Cutters
  • Precision Knife

Build Documentation

The Runners

I’ve already opened the box a few times but I was still amazed at how many parts the kit had. As usual, I started assembly with the head.

The Head

One eye had a really awkward fit, but I somehow hammered it in just fine. I immediately appreciated how dedicated Suntoys was with the color separation. Unfortunately, a few issues were present because of this design choice. More on that later.


See those shoulder pads? They kept popping off and I had to sand down the receiving part.

Left Leg

The thigh flap comes off way too easily.


The shoulder pylons were unnecessarily complicated to put together. The purple part popped even without any pressure applied to it.


The kit comes with a ton of accessories, including a stand and an A.T. field printout. I still haven’t pieced those together since assembling the kit won’t be able to hold them all at once anyways. Heck, not even Eva – 13 could handle them.


  • Lance of Longinus (x2) – This alone makes the kit awesome IMO
  • Pallet Rifle (x2)
  • Progressive Knife (x4)
  • Gatling Gun (x2)
  • Stand
  • A.T. Field

Design – 8.5/10

The finished kit features one of the best color separation for an Evangelion kit. The trade off for this is the sheer amount of small parts that don’t always cooperate when pieced together. Almost every part smaller than the average pinky fingernail is a pain to deal with. I also think they made the shoulder pylons too big, making the Eva rather top heavy. Still, the finished figure looks amazing.

Articulation/Mobility – 5.8/10

Holy crap some joint resistances are way too tight. Worst offenders are the knees and elbows. The arms tend to separate at the biceps and the thighs pop off too easily. The large proportions for the head and pylons make the figure hard to balance when trying to pose it without the stand.

Durability/Materials – 5.0/10

I’m sad to say that I was not very impressed by the materials they used for this kit. Instead of using more flexible material like polycaps and soft plastic for the joints, they used rigid plastic that stressed way too easily. The hooks for the jaw hinge and knee attachment looked like they were about to break even when simply attaching them to their respective counterparts. The left ankle guard’s joint also snapped off for no apparent reason.

Build Time – ~11 Hours

Despite the issues I encountered, I’d still recommend this kit to fans of the Evangelion franchise. The aesthetics and accessories make it worth the purchase. It’s also quite cheap (around $23-26). Because Suntoys already closed down early this year, this kit has basically become a limited edition collectible.

For anyone interested in other Suntoys kits, they also have an SD/MG RX 78-2 Black and Regular version.

– D

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