Suntoys SD Evangelion 01 – Box Art and Assembly/Instruction Manual (.pdf + supplementary images)

I’ve been a fan of the (Neon Genesis) Evangelion franchise since the original series first aired on a local channel here in the Philippines. If I recall correctly, they weren’t able to finish the series because it had sexual content and displays of excessive violence. Maybe they thought all anime were rated G and kids will eat this shit up because Mecha, amirite?

Regardless, I was still too young to understand the deeper themes of the show. One thing I did understand was that EVA 01 is a complete badass. I simply wasn’t able to resist getting this kit.

I’m still apprehensive when it comes to third party kit manufacturers, but a lot of reviewers actually liked the design of this figure. After some light research, I found out that Suntoys closed its doors earlier this year. I was worried the local suppliers would run out of what was basically a limited edition kit, so I went ahead and ordered one.

Box art is pretty awesome. That dent though.

This kit arrived on Monday during my day off. I ordered it from vendor gimmestitches for PhP1,500.00 which included the shipping fee. The first thing I noticed upon opening the box was that I couldn’t find the assembly guide anywhere. I immediately sent the vendor a message and they told me that they will have to contact their supplier.

The assembly procedure for this particular EVA 01 is rather complex despite it being an SD. Since I’m a beginner at gunpla and kit building, I definitely won’t be able to commit to a build like this without a manual. The supplier was taking a while to respond, so I contacted reviewers and bloggers who posted about the Suntoys EVA. I was hoping that they still had access to their copy of the booklet somewhere.

Reddit user r/MachNeu (who also happens to be one of the moderators of r/Gunpla) was kind enough to scan his copy of the assembly manual. The .pdf file and supplementary scans can be downloaded here. He intends to do scans of his rare kits, so I’ll try to update this post with the appropriate links once he’s done uploading. I hope this helps anyone else who will have the same problem I encountered.

I’m looking forward to working on this kit next week. 🙂

UPDATE: I managed to get the vendor to send me pictures of the manual’s pages. I compiled them into a .zip file here.

– D


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