Furniture Build – Crafting Table

I bought myself a decent work table for crafting last week. I managed to have it delivered yesterday along with the shelf I bought it with. The good (or bad?) thing about the furniture was that they needed to be assembled first. I was a bit worried but I remember having a bit of experience with following instructions to piece something together.


Despite being already 28 years old, this was going to be my first furniture assembly. Bitch please, I build gunpla kits. Still, I was scared of messing up the wood and laminating layer because this build involved a LOT of screws.

Seems easy enough.

Having a manual on hand made it pretty hard to make mistakes, but I had to redo connects around five times. Most of the missteps were because the panels were facing the wrong way.

Screws reminded me of polycaps
Step 9: “Draw the rest of the fucking owl.”
“Don’t let the ice melt, Link!”
Table completed and populated with stuff

I’m not surprised that when I was done, I had the same sense of satisfaction I get when finishing a model kit build. I completely destroyed the wood and thread inlet of one drawer though. Now I have a dedicated work station, I can properly segregate and store my tools. All it needs now is a cutting mat.

I’m gonna try putting up the shelf tonight. I’m gonna need the space for all my upcoming figures.

– D


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