Figure Build – MG 1/100 Deathscythe Hell EW Overview and Thoughts

I just finished my Deathscythe Hell build this morning. This kit was my first Master Grade and the first build where I actually tried to put effort into sanding the parts to try and get rid of nub marks.

Head and Torso complete
Shoulder Fins
Arms almost done
Yo screw this.
Upper Body and Waist

By the time I finished the upper half of the kit, it was already around 2:00am so I went to bed.

“Finished” build
Notice how I didn’t include pictures for the cape and legs? I kinda stopped giving a shit about properly sanding down nubs and wanted to finish building as soon as possible.
Overall, I’d say the kit was worth it. I got it for PhP2,350.00 (about $45) from an online seller here in the Philippines. The figure needs more work before I can truly call it complete, but I’m happy with the result. Here’s what I think about the kit based on this Out of Box build:

Design – 8.7/10

The design is definitely cool, but the color scheme is rather bland in comparison to the details in some more recent Gundam models.

Articulation/Mobility – 8.0/10

The joints are pretty damn solid and have a wide range of motion. This would allow more posing possibilities but is limited by how well you can balance the figure. A stand might be necessary for more dynamic poses.

Durability/Materials – 8.5/10

The plastic used for this is quite sturdy, but some parts (just the skirt, really) tend to fall off when you look at them the wrong way.

Build Time – ~ 8 Hours

I’m looking forward to having this kit sanded, panel lined and painted once I get more tools.
– D

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